2012"You Make me Blush II"Mixed media on paper 23'x 30"
2011"Bridge and Girder"Acrylic on canvas
2012"Life is Delicate "Mixed media on paper
2012"In Denim"Mixed media on paper
2011"Just off the Coast"Acrylic on canvas
2011"Beyond the Fence"Acrylic on canvas
2011"Soft Summer Rain"Acrylic on canvas
2014"Precious Farmland"Acrylic on canvas
2009"aerial view I"Acrylic on canvas
2011"aerial view II"Acrylic on canvas
2011"aerial view III"Acrylic on canvas
2012"Be Fierce"Mixed media on paper
2012"Twirl '11 "Acrylic and oil pastel on paper